The Artistic Importance of Editing Photos

It’s no doubt that post-production has been widely debated since the origin of photo editing programs. The ability to alter or completely transform the look and feel of an image can be judged as both a technical ability or a faux pas depending on how you view the act. Some believe the photo is meant […]

Wes Shinn | Visual Flow Artist Feature

Wes Shinn has a passion for serving and caring for others. This mentality is a moving force behind his artistry and it shows. His photos are a creation of the pursuit of honoring others. Wes is a wedding photographer based in Virginia and goes above and beyond for all of his couples regardless of the […]

11 Creative Senior Portraits That Will Spark Inspiration

What is Senior Portrait Photography? Senior portraits are actually a tradition that dates back to the 1880s, believe it or not. They became popular to document the transition between teen to adult and have found a permanent place in portraiture since. The development of society and technology has greatly advanced this genre. Senior portrait photography […]

Jess and Kim Lawrence | Visual Flow Artist Feature

Meet two of our newest ambassadors – Jess and Kim Lawerence! They are incredibly talented wedding photographers based in North Carolina and have built their business on real relationships with their clients and authentic moments.

Mauricio Ureña | Visual Flow Artist Feature

Costa Rica wedding photographer Mauricio Ureña discusses why leaving a legacy through photography is so important to him. Find out more about the challenges he faced to become the photographer he is today.

Scott Josuweit | Visual Flow Artist Feature

It’s time to meet another inspiring artist who is part of our Visual Flow community! On top of being an extremely talented wedding photographer, Scott Josuweit created an online community for wedding photographers who want to create & refine the systems in their business so they can earn more, be more fulfilled, and give their […]