Jared Gant | Visual Flow Artist Feature

Get to know Colorado wedding photographer Jared Gant! His editing abilities play a supporting role in his storytelling and lighting technique, with each image telling a powerful narrative without caption necessary.

Creating Sun Flares Using the Retouching Toolkit w/ Elizabeth Lloyd

Ever wonder how to enhance sun flares or even fake them in Lightroom? Chad Winstead, our Visual Flow Facebook Community Leader chatted with VF Ambassador Elizabeth Lloyd on how she uses the Visual Flow Retouching Toolkit Local Adjustment Brushes to create sun flares in one click! This is a powerful tool that many don’t know […]

Making Wedding Portraits Pop with Jos & Tree Woodsmith

Want to take your images from ordinary to extraordinary? Our community leader Chad Winstead sat down with Jos & Tree Woodsmith, Visual Flow Ambassadors and award-winning wedding & portrait photographers from Portland, to discuss how to make your images POP in Lightroom! Although this sounds like an easy task to achieve, especially when using presets, […]

5 Creative Ways to Edit in Lightroom with Jason Vinson

It can be a little monotonous to edit the same type of images and not exercise your creativity. The beauty of presets is that it takes a lot of the grunt work out of editing, you no longer have to worry about finding something that works for all images and you can spend more time […]

Drone Lightroom Presets | Examples and Tips

Drone cameras have gotten impressive with each new release and it’s important to be able to maximize the detail and color to create a masterful drone shot. In this article, we’re going to cover some of my favorite techniques and tips for editing drone photos using Lightroom drone presets. Whether you use a drone for […]