Mastin Labs

Mastin Labs is a Lightroom presets maker founded by Kirk Mastin. According to their website, “Mastin Labs is dedicated to your success as a working photographer.”

Noble Presets

Noble Presets is a Lightroom Presets company. Their Instagram bio is the following: “The cleanest film inspired presets for photographers!”


Grayscale, in photography, is a range of gray shades that are used in a monochrome display or printout. The term grayscale is often used interchangeably with the phrase “black and white,” but the two terms are actually not the same. While black and white images only contain the two colors of black and white, grayscale […]

Resolution in Photography

Resolution in photography is simply the amount of detail in an image. Digital photos use a unit of measurement called Pixels per inch or ppi. In contrast, you may also hear the term Dots Per Inch or DPI, which is the unit of measurement used for printing. How Does Resolution Affect Image Quality? Generally speaking, […]

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic Definition – In 2017, Adobe split Lightroom into Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic is similar to the version of the Adobe Lightroom application that existed prior to the split. It is optimized for desktop-centric workflows and uses localized photo storage of files and folders. Lightroom Classic is more robust and is […]

Saturation & Vibrance

Saturation and Vibrance Definition – Lightroom has two main sliders that control how colorful your images appear, which you can find in Develop Module. They are Saturation and Vibrance, and they appear at the very bottom of the Basic Adjustments panel, below Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze: Vibrance and Saturation work slightly differently from each other. […]

Color Treatment mode or Treatment mode

Color Treatment Mode Or Treatment Mode Definition The Color Treatment mode, or Treatment mode, determines whether a photo is processed in color or black & white. This setting can be found towards the top of the Develop Module’s right-hand tab, just beneath the Histogram and the main Tool Panel Icons: These are the only two […]