How to Install Presets in Lightroom Mobile

Advances in mobile phone camera technology over the past few years have opened up a new world of possibilities for creatives. Getting professional quality photos in this content hungry world is now possible with just the device in your pocket. To achieve a high level of quality and refinement with mobile photography, creatives are turning […]

Modern Pack Update | New Preset Added & More!

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on improving each of our preset packs based on your feedback and our constant testing. We are excited to announce an update to the Visual Flow Modern Pack that includes a set of dedicated presets for mobile, a brand new preset, and improvements to the existing […]

10 Golden Hour Pictures to Inspire Your Creativity

What is Golden Hour? Golden hour in photography is the time frame right after sunrise or right before sunset, characterized by soft, directional light with orange or “golden” tones. Golden hour, also referred to as “magic hour,” is a preferred time to take outdoor portraits for many photographers because of the beautiful aesthetic of the […]

How to Buy Lightroom and How Much Is It?

How Do I Buy Lightroom? Adobe Lightroom‘s pricing has evolved over the years. When it first launched, it was a standalone software that required a one-time purchase. Then came Adobe CC and with it, subscription options. Within those options, you have a variety of plan and price points, from student plans to photography plans to […]

Family Photography Lightroom Presets Example with The Mood Pack

Lightroom is a perfect application for editing family photos. After all, the right expression and moment often requires multiple cues, retakes, prompts and locations to get. This is especially true when kids and babies are involved. The high image count of family photography often makes Photoshop unfeasible, especially for photographers who deliver a full gallery […]

Dark and Moody Lightroom Presets | Introducing the Mood Pack

Our fourth pack of Lightroom Presets is called “The Mood Pack,” featuring the dark and moody style of photo editing.  The Mood Pack features a warm cinematic look with a subtle matte finish in the shadows and highlights. It’s designed to create an earthy and organic look to your imagery. It works for almost any […]

Wedding Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are a critical part of a wedding photographer’s workflow. With thousands of images to post produce from a wedding day, a fast, efficient workflow can be the difference between keeping clients happy with a quick final gallery delivery and falling behind. Visual Flow presets are built with wedding photographers in mind. The lead […]

New | Bundle Any Preset Pack and Save

Interested in Multiple Packs? Today, we launched the ability to bundle ANY of our products, including ALL of our packs and the retouching toolkit. Save $20 on EACH pack when you buy two or more packs. Here are a few examples: Do I need a code? No code required. Simply add the items you want […]

How to Use Visual Flow Pastel Pack

The Pastel Pack is definitely a fun look to work into your style, but make no mistake, to pull it off well requires a different style of shooting and imagery. Here are some tips on how to use our newest pack!